Meet Ella

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Born in raised in stunning Vancouver, British Columbia, Ella always had love for working with people & an appreciation for literature as her father was a published author. In her early 20s she uncovered a knack for sales and was quickly rising in the B2B world. After a few years she realized it wasn’t the career path for her, and left to seek something with more flexibility and creative freedom.

After starting a blog and developing a personal brand, she discovered copywriting, the magic connection that combined words & sales with the flexibility of an online workspace. Ella quickly took to it and thought this would always be her primary calling card professionally.

It was in early 2017 that Ella realized influencer marketing was an ever expanding industry and wanted to figure it out. She eagerly dug into learning exactly what moved the needle on an Instagram account - the key factors that resulted in growth, the elements that encouraged engagement and what brands look for when deciding which influencers to work with.

As her personal Instagram account grew from 1100 followers to 26,000 (and counting) in a year, she was getting more inquiries about her Instagram growth & monetization strategies than copywriting. That’s when it clicked - there was a way to combine the two!

Because of her copywriting skills she quickly saw a massive opportunity for personal brands and businesses to turn their Instagram platform into an organic lead generation machine that gives them the ability to reach a massive audience on a whole different level than paid online ads or other forms of marketing.

Ella J Mae & Associates continues to offer copywriting services and has expanded into a new realm of influencer marketing - specializing in helping individuals and personal brands go from just another face on Instagram to paid influencer, we love working with established influencers and guiding them to the next level with their content creation & brand direction, and of course working with existing businesses to turn their Instagram into a lead generating machine!

Ella has advised countless brands - from fitness professionals & online marketers, health and beauty industry leaders, luxury services and the entrepreneur leaders of tomorrow. 

Ella and her team help build and refresh brands by distilling their purpose into engaging and shareable experiences. At the heart of her method is anticipating future consumer shifts: "How can we connect your brand of today with the consumer of tomorrow?"

Ella keeps her Facebook page brimming with her latest discoveries, and recently just launched InstaFame Academy for anyone who wants to become a paid influencer and make a living off of Instagram to personal brands who are ready to go to the next level as well as businesses who are ready to turn their Instagram platform into organic lead generation machines!

She has also developed the InstaFame online course, which will launch in 2019, specializing in helping individuals build up an Instagram following and connect with brands they already use and love for paid collaborations.

Ella and her team are always developing new programs and resources for anyone looking to use Instagram as a stepping stone to help them share their voice & unique talents with the world. We also love taking on copywriting projects - helping established brands connect their products & services with the audience it could best serve through sales letters, emails, Facebook and blog posts as well as headlines and ads. She resides between Vancouver, British Columbia, California and Edmonton, Alberta - usually depending on the time of year. She has a passion for fitness, nutrition, showjumping horses, running, adores health and beauty services and you can always find her bonding with any dog she can find.