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It's December 20th and now you really have to do that last minute shopping you've been putting off. Never fear, I have some last minute gift list for you that will cover most of the people on your list - plus the majority of it is available for delivery via Amazon Prime - what did we do before Amazon?!

Read on fellow late shopper:

Bruush Toothbrush


This is a gift for anyone. I LOVE this toothbrush. I got mine about a week ago and can't get over how good it is, I know it's hard to imagine how a toothbrush could be much different then what you've experienced before but this one does the trick. Its got 6 settings including one for your tongue & gums, comes with 3 brush heads (1 head lasts approx 2 months) and new heads are only $6 each. The charger is very low key, it's magnetic one that sits on your counter nicely. It's basically the Apple of toothbrushes. 

Rubz Foot, Hand & Back Massage Ball 


This ball is THE BEST! Perfect for the athlete in your life. Whether you need to release your feet, work out that knot in your back or release your hands this will do the trick. I've had mine for 3 years and it shows no sign of wearing out! 

Acoustic Sheep Sleep Headphones 


These are a lifesaver for anyone who likes to go to sleep to a meditation or just wants a really comfortable pair of headphones. Whether you listen to audiobooks in bed or like to watch TV on your laptop in your room, these headphones are SO comfortable and can be worn all over the house and even working out. They're also great for plane travel as the over ear noise cancelling headphones usually start to hurt your ears after a few hours. 

Acupressure Mat 


This is perfect for your most stressed out loved one ;) I swear by this bad boy. Acupuncture itself has so many proven benefits, and although the acupressure mat isn't the real thing it's got a ton of the benefits;

Because the mat causes your muscles to relax, it helps your whole body relax. As a result of releasing that tension, it can help reduce sore muscles and also relieve muscle tension. Many people find relief in back and neck pain from using acupressure mats, but they can also help with soreness in other body parts. It's also amazing for helping with sleep. 

Face Massager 


Spoiler alert - this *might* look like you're using a vibrator on your face so proceed accordingly. This is for the skin guru in your life.  Using a face massager regularly (weather you're a guy or a girl) is AMAZING for your health and aesthetically. I learned about this trick from The Skinny Confidential (if you're looking for skin tips Lauryn is your girl). Using a vibrating massager on your face is amazing for skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, relieving puffiness and swelling and increasing blood flow. Start with your forehead and go in a downward circular motion, once you do it for a week & see the difference you'll never go back. 

Ice Roller 


A tried and true favourite for your beauty conscious friend. This is another find from The Skinny Confidential and will become your favourite thing in the morning to combat those puffy eyes.  

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard 


For the achiever on your list, this will be a staple on their bookshelf. It's backed by science and goes through exactly what you need to achieve those 2019 goals. 

Alumier Moisture Matte Sunscreen 


For any female in your life. This sunscreen is moisturizing and looks like a sheer layer of foundation. It's the best for days when you don't want to put on makeup but want a lil something something. 

I get mine at Skin Method

Posture Corrector 


This will be the best present ever for the person in your life who works at a desk. I've used mine for over a year now and am always recommending it to people who sit at work. It's fantastic for day to day and a lifesaver while traveling! 

Happy shopping! 


Ella Mae