Sooo wtf is ice rolling?

I’m always on the lookout for different skin tips & tricks - and this one is an absolute staple! I’ve been using it for ages and should have blogged about it earlier (my bad) but better late then never, right?

Ice rolling is my one tried and true OBSESSION! I take my ice roller with me whenever I travel because after you start using it, it’s really, really hard to be without it (fair warning).

I use this one - however there’s many different variations and I haven’t heard a bad review about any of them :)

I started learning about the ice rolling magic when I first started reading The Skinny Confidential - an absolutely fantastic blog by Lauryn Bosstick.

She talked about ice facials - which is basically putting ice cubes in a bowl big enough to dip your face into, let the ice cubes sit and for 2-3 minutes so the water gets really cold and then dip your face into it for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times. When I started doing these I noticed my skin tone evened out, inflammation reduced and overall I just felt better and more refreshed.

An easier and more efficient way to get all these benefits is using the ice roller. It’s just fantastic.


Benefits of Using Ice on the Skin:


•Stimulates blood circulation

•Stimulates collagen

•Primes skin for makeup

•Reduces redness

•Reduces puffiness/swelling

•Shrinks and fades pimples

•Reduces pain (great before and after a lip/brow wax)

•Relieves sunburns/retinol sensitivity

•Prevents the formation of wrinkles

•Constricts the pores

•Soothes irritation

•Encourages lymphatic drainage


How To:

The how to's on this are so straight forward. Some people swear by cleansing their skin first, personally I'll use it when I have makeup on if I want to because I find it doesn't mess anything up.

Timing wise, first thing in the morning feels best for me, but everyone's different.


  1. Roll it on your face in a downward motion to help with lymphatic drainage (meaning always rolling towards the bottom point of your chin)

2. Make sure it's really cold when you star

3. When it starts to warm up, put it back in the freezer until you want to use it again.


Annnnnd you're done!

Do you have any other tried & true tips? Share them here xx

Ella Mae