Every day I get an email with a blog from Seth Godin (check out his site here)

Sometimes these blogs are a page and sometimes they’re a sentence. I really love the profound nature of these blogs because they always pack loads of perspective and insight.

Here’s the one from today:

“A trigger prompts a cycle. And a cycle might go on longer than it should.
The first spoonful of ice cream can trigger a cycle of binge eating that you regret later.
The silence of walking into an empty house might trigger you to turn on the TV, and that cycle of wasting time watching nothing that matters goes on all night.
The rush to get out the door leads to a cycle of rushing, which makes your commute a daredevil exercise, one that takes hours to recover from.
It’s really useful to see your cycles and to work to dampen them (it’s almost impossible to go cold turkey).
Even better is to find and eliminate the triggers. That’s surprisingly easy if you care enough. Quit Twitter. Empty your freezer. Wake up ten minutes earlier…
Make these decisions when you’re not in the middle of a cycle.
With the trigger gone, you might discover the cycles are gone too.”

This focuses on the negative cycles, but think about in the positive context. What are your triggers and cycles when you’re the happiest?

Mine include:

Showing up for my friends that nurture me and getting outside.

Loving my life exactly the way it is and not how I (or others) think it should be.

Caring about how I feel.

Looking for opportunities to perform random acts of kindness for anyone who crosses my path.

Giving myself quality downtime where I really focus on replenishing my positive energy, body and mind.

Playing more.

Spending more time in the sunshine.

And most of all, trusting it will all work out✨

Ella Mae