On a day to day basis, I have 2 close friends that I’m in an accountability group with, meaning Monday – Friday we check in every morning with our desired outcomes for the day, and then check back in at night to measure our progress, see if we did the tasks we set out to do, if not what got in our way, etc.


During the day we’ll keep each other on our toes by questioning one other on why we’re doing what we’re doing, if it actually has a tangible output (meaning money made, money saved or time saved) and how it’s contributing to our larger goals.


This group has radically changed the course of my business and the way I look at my day. Mainly noticing the things I spend my time doing that have very little results or drain my energy.


The other day we were all talking and one of the members gave an overview of his 2017.


It inspired me to  do my own overview, and I hope it will inspire you to look back over yours as well :)


So here goes, I'm not sure if anyone will actually be interested in this but I thought it made for a cool review so I figured why not post it ;)


So much happened in 2017 holy shit!


I think the most impactful event for 2016 for me was definitely doing the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within seminar in Sydney, Australia.


The takeaways from that conference propelled 2017 for me and profoundly changed my life.


The biggest things that changed for me after that seminar were:


  1. Identifying a belief of unworthiness that I was carrying with me.


  1. Creating a gratitude practice that eventually rekindled the relationship with my biological mother.


  1. A decision to become the best person I could be in the relationship I was in at the time and stop worrying about issues I couldn't control (basically my own insecurities).


I feel like it'll be easiest for me to start at the beginning because SO MUCH happened.


At the beginning of 2017 I had just started working with an internet marketer and frankly was operating from a place of being terrified to lose my job.


It was a completely new role and I was so worried about letting my boyfriend at the time down. He had covered so much financially in our move back to Canada and I wanted to step up and help out in any way I could.


I learned a shitload of new skills and the biggest two being:


  1. Learning to value someone’s needs as if they were your own.

  2. Being resourceful as fuck.


I spent the first part of the year insanely frustrated, really wanting to do more with my life but unsure of where to turn.


I think it was around March or April that I saw one of my closest friends post about a coaching session she had with Mathew Park (one of the members in my accountability group), so I reached out to him and we started working together.


Shortly after that first coaching session he brought me into the inner circle, which is weekly mastermind group filled with entrepreneurs that meet once a week & share ideas, goals, etc.


That’s when I had the chance to connect with some very inspiring entrepreneurs who have profoundly changed my life.


I know everyone in the group knows this already but just in case you want a reminder – I appreciate and love the shit out of you! THANK YOU for investing hours upon hours into me helping me become the person I am now. I know I’ll never be able to fully repay you, however I can pay it forward with some lost soul I meet in the future when I have the right things to offer.


With the help of the right community around me, in the next few months I started featuring people on the blog and completely changed my way of thinking around what I wanted to do and how I could generate income.


I realized I could create the person I wanted to be and became absolutely insanely aware of what the outputs were for the things I was spending my time doing.


During this time of personal expansion, there was some areas in my relationship that were necessary to improve if my boyfriend at the time and I were going to move forward, and as you guys know, we ultimately decided to part ways.


I wish I could say ending that relationship was the hardest thing I ever did but it wasn’t.


I have this rule in relationships, you should only get in them or out of them when you are the happiest you’ve ever been.


Don’t decide to date someone when you’re not feeling good about yourself and don’t break up when you’re mad or resentful.


Deal with getting yourself to a point where you are the best version of yourself AND THEN make the decision from there.


I was in the best place I had ever been when I knew I had to end it.


And to be honest I’ve never been prouder of myself.


Of course, it was awful at the time.


Nobody likes being that person and seeing someone they care about so deeply in pain.


However, I knew I was opening him up to find the relationship that was going to be right for him.


I knew I wasn't the right girl for him. I knew that he would be okay because he’s fucking amazing.


I didn’t break up with him to date other dudes or go and party or whatever, it was a clear decision that the person I wanted to become and the life I wanted to create was in a different direction.


Once we broke up I found a new place, cried my eyes out, but ultimately got back on my feet and dealt with all the logistics of something like that happening.


One of the biggest things that happened after being on my own is my relationship with the internet marketer I work for was immediately strengthened.


Being single, it meant I had more time to get into my work and could relate to him more (as he was single too at the time) and we started becoming acquaintances, which has now turned into a friendship and mentorship.


I was able to get some clarity around the blog by realizing I needed quality images, and that led to me finding a passion for doing photoshoots, I met amazing photographers, makeup artists, companies and other models, all this  helping my blog and social media grow IMMENSELY.


It has also changed the way I eat and work out, resulting in a healthier, happier me.


It’s not so much the results (i.e. the weight loss, etc), but the peace of mind that this diet & exercise process has given me, showing me what works best for my body & learning to be more flexible on my training routine has been absolutely massive.


Specifically, with diet.


I now practice intermittent fasting every day where I eat in a certain time block. I sleep better, my weight is way more consistent & despite it sounding restrictive, it’s actually never made me feel more free. I know it sounds like the opposite of freedom, but that’s not the way it feels.


Funny how that is. Discipline equals freedom.


I was able to spend 2 weeks home with my family in October which was AMAZING.


I have never connected with them like that before, and the biggest difference was (after having a conversation with one of my good friends) is that I decided to go into the visit with an attitude of absolute service.


How can I add value to these wonderful people and be the best version of myself instead of worrying about what will go wrong?


Because that visit was so amazing I decided to make sure I was there for Christmas, and one of the most heartwarming moments of my LIFE happened.


My sister Natalie, who I’m insanely close with, is amazing.


She has 3 kids, a job, a husband, a dog, and she doesn’t just manage her life, she absolutely kills it.


She also takes care of all of us in the family.


I remember one time, about 3 or 4 years ago, I was particularly not doing well, and Nat took me out for coffee and said “I know you’re depressed and I’m so worried about you I can’t sleep.” I never knew that anyone cared that much about me.


It made me realize that my decision to stay depressed was hurting other people and I couldn’t live with that, so I did whatever I had to do to get better, and 2 months later I was vibrant and back to myself.


She saved my life that day and has many times since.


Because I have 4 siblings (5 of us total) we always do a Secret Santa at Christmas instead of buying presents for everybody because we’d all be broke (lol).


I picked Natalie to buy a gift for this year.


I was excited, but also nervous because she’s hard to shop for.


She never asks for anything for herself, and when she does ask for things, it’s always for the kids or a donation to charity she cares about. There’s nothing wrong with that but I really wanted to get HER something she’d love.


Around early December her and I were texting and I was asking her how things were going.


She was insanely stressed.


Her husband was traveling for work, the kids were fighting and work was keeping her busy. With Christmas right around the corner to top it off, I couldn’t even imagine the amount of stuff she had on her plate.


Immediately I said “Nat, this is insane. Can’t you bring someone in to help? I get it’s an expense but it can’t be worse than you feeling this way” and she responded “I would, but I really spoiled Shane this year (her husband) and we’ve actually spent our last dime we allotted for Christmas. I just can’t justify it.”


This BROKE MY HEART, especially knowing how much she deserves some help and the fact that I wasn’t there to help.


It gave me a great idea though, which was:


What if instead of getting Nat a present for Christmas, I could give her time?


When I looked into all the ways of doing this, it came down to a professional, reliable cleaner who used environmentally friendly products (because on top of being amazing she also cares about the environment).


I pre-paid for 3 hours with the cleaner and told a shorter version of that story in the card, but also included how much I valued her and how much I loved her.


When she opened the card, she read it out loud, she started crying and made me cry.


She gave me a hug and, during which I was thinking ‘holy fuck I love you so much, I can’t wait until I’m wealthy enough to buy you a cleaner twice a week for a year.’


That type of motivation to succeed had never hit me before, going beyond myself and into the realm of the people I really love that I could help.


In December, I also decided to launch my first product which should be ready in a week or so here that I am CRAZY excited about. You guys will see everything about that soon, don’t worry!


I know this was a long one, but doing a recap the last year helped me realize what stood out, and the things that brought me the most joy.


My main takeaways would be:


  1. Be more vocal about what you want


I spent a good portion of 2017 being frustrated with where I was at but not speaking up or taking any action to change it. Be honest with yourself & the people around you with what you want & where you want to go.


  1. Do the thing you’re scared to do sooner


Doing photoshoots and experimenting with different ways to grow my online presence was one of the best things I ever did for myself personally but also for my blog, the people I’ve met along the way and the opportunities it’s brought into my life.


  1. Focus on making the best of where you are right now


Here’s the thing, you are where you are.


How can you make the best of it? When my mindset shifted to excelling at what I was doing instead of being frustrated that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, everything changed.



Ella Mae