Instagram Business Profile vs. Instagram Creator Profile

In case you haven’t heard…

Instagram is rolling out a new creator profile for influencers and content creators!

Like Instagram business profiles, creator profiles will have access to a number of exclusive features and in-depth analytics, but there are also some big differences between the profile types.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences:

With an Instagram Business Profile You:


  • Get access to Instagram Analytics about your followers and posts

  • Promote Instagram posts as ads

  • Add links to Instagram Stories (with over 10k followers)

  • Add links to iGTV in stories (follower count doesn’t matter here)


  • Have a private account on Instagram

With an Instagram Creator Profile You:


  • Get exclusive access to the Instagram Creator Studio on desktop

  • Access creator-specific analytics, including follow/unfollow metrics

  • Access to specific engagement stats

  • Filter your Direct Message inbox

  • Tag products from brands directly within a feed post

  • Add links to stories (with over 10k) followers

  • Add links to IGTV in stories (follower count doesn’t matter here)


  • Easily make the switch — Instagram is rolling out Creator profiles and it’s still unclear who will get access to the new profile

I have a creator account and personally I love the inbox features. It allows me to mark messages as ‘General’ instead of ‘Primary’ so when I receive spam messages they go directly into a different folder and I don’t have to filter through them on my DM’s. I also really like the creator studio and how it allows me to schedule IGTV posts and the creation tools.

Which one do you have?! Let me know in the comments!