For those of you who prefer to watch a video you can see all this information here, however I posted a run down of what’s happening below as well:

Lots of people have been complaining about drops in engagement, etc. and the reason for this is that Instagram has completely changed the algorithm recently.

For social growth companies this has been an absolute nightmare!

In this post I’ll explain what’s happening, what we’re doing to solve and and what we’re going to be doing in the future to keep your Instagram growing steady.

Over the last 8 weeks Instagram has been focusing on getting rid of power likes, power comments, power views, power saves - really any automation on Instagram. This means social management companies have been working like crazy to keep up with the changes.

Normally Instagram does around 5 updates/year but over the last 2 months they’ve done 8 consecutive updates every single week! Every time we’ve tried to fix something they change it again, plus these updates have been happening primarily on Fridays which means we’ve been on a 7 day work week. No rest for the wicked!

The system is a lot steadier now then a month ago, and we’re expecting it to level out over the next 6 weeks.

The main thing Instagram has been targeting proxies, so we’re in the process of transferring everything over to 4G rotating proxies for our clients, but I won’t bore you with the ins & outs.

One of the main changes is on the hourly limits. Before 8 weeks ago there was a permanent hourly limit for follows, unfollows, likes, etc. but now they’re randomizing it every hour. This means one hour it might be a limit of 200 likes or comments, and the next hour it could be a limit of 5. This is obviously causing huge problems for likes and automation, but we’re also seeing people who aren’t using any growth services getting these temporary blocks where they can’t like, follow or even post for a certain period of time.

We’ve seen a lot of our clients getting restrictions just from liking 5-10 posts! This is because of hourly change, and again if you report this you usually get your functions back fairly quick.

Make sure to report it when this happens (if it happens to you you’ll see a pop up that says your action is backed when you try to like a photo, and you have the option to click ‘Tell Us’ at the bottom - make sure to tap that one) and they will usually lift it fairly quickly. This is really annoying users and causing a nightmare for us!

A lot of social growth companies have already been shut down due to these changes.

As you may have heard Instagram, Facebook & Whats App are merging their conversation messenger all together, so you might have noticed that they were having lots of issues last week. Our guess as to why is that they were probably beta testing it. This has and will have a big effect the daily usage of Instagram.  

Also Instagram wants to take off the number of likes for posts, they’ve been trialing it in a few countries and it looks like they’re going to take the number of likes off the platform completely so be prepared for that.

Due to these changes we’ve had to completely change our system to make sure it works with the new algorithm. The old methods don’t work anymore! 

One of the big things that were implementing is some new methods of running accounts, we are currently trialing 3 different growth methods and the results have been very positive. We’re looking at rolling these out in the next 3 months as long as the feedback stays the same.

Instagram has been trying really hard to get rid of auto like companies and so it’s more important than ever for us to mimic human behaviour. This means our actions are slowed way down and we’re not following or liking or commenting on multiple posts in a short period of time like we used to.

The amount of likes we used to do in an hour we’re now doing over an 8-10 hour period.

Another big change is post exposure. It used to be that you got the most engagement on your posts within the first hour of posting, due to these changes you can now expect not to see much engagement in the first couple hours.

We’re seeing the most post exposure is happening after 6 hours, and most of the posts that get on the explore page are showing up after 10 hours or so of being posted.

If you’ve ever been told your likes should come in the first 30 minutes that’s not true at all anymore, give it time and you’ll see them show up.

 The good news is quality content matters more than ever now, so when you have good content you’ll be that much more likely to get on the explore page which is always a huge bonus. We’re noticing a lot more of our clients are getting on the explore page, and the reason for that is we’ve made our activities more natural, as if you were doing it yourself.

A lot of people are saying this is the end of automation or the end of Instagram services & that’s not true at all! We just need to adjust our systems to work with the new algorithm.

If you’re an influencer, a company or even an individual that’s struggling with growing your Instagram make sure to get in touch with us!

Moving onto some news - there’s been a lot of changes happening with our company, one of which is we’re working on releasing a dashboard where you can see the full scope of your activity, we’re hoping to have this live within 6 months.

We’re also going to be releasing some new packages, and once they’re ready you’ll be the first to know.

Due to these changes we’re rolling out a brand new system for likes, comments, views. We’re currently in the process of beta testing it right now and the results have come back very positive. It will be around 2-3 months before this is implemented for clients but this will be a game changer!

Due to the inconvenience, we’re giving all our current and new clients 10% off as a thank you for being with us for the next 2 months.

To make the most impact with your account right now a big focus is on stories. They continue to be the number 1 thing that helps you show up, as Instagram wants you on the platform all day as opposed to once or twice/day. Instagram rewards engagement on their platform, so make sure to have stories every day as well as do lives as often as you can.

Another great way to grow organically right now is IGTV. IGTV was released as a way to battle YouTube and it hasn’t been going very well, that’s why you’re seeing more and more IGTV videos being featured on your the explore page.

This is something we’ll be covering in depth in our next InstaFame Academy, now is the time to get your Instagram primed for growth as these changes will most likely set the tone for the next couple years.

If you are struggling with Instagram as I know so many people are get in touch with us & we’ll get you rocking again!

Ella Mae