InstaFame Academy
8 Week Live Group Training

Begins on January 14th, 2020


 Millions of people will try to grow their Instagram presence. Very few will succeed. 

Will you be one of the lucky ones?


The Million Dollar Question - How Do You Actually Build an Authentic Instagram Following?

Bloggers, influencers and business owners use the platform to establish their personal brand and reach out to an audience. Succeeding in gaining followers and visibility means your approach has to be:

  • Engaging

  • Accessible

  • Sustainable

If you’ve ever struggled to build an Instagram following, you’re not alone. But don’t give up just yet! I can help you to be one of the lucky ones with my formula for building and maintaining an audience.

If you’re ready to learn how to make Instagram work for you, InstaFame Academy is for you!

This live group training program will teach you how to:

  • Grow your presence

  • Monetize your niche

  • Establish credibility

  • Attract qualified leads

  • Create a personal brand that appeals to your audience

  • Optimize your time and effort investment



Learn how to attract leads, network with other brands and work with the Instagram algorithm in just 8 weeks!


Here are just a few of the takeaways you’ll learn from InstaFame Academy:

  • 3 simple tips to grow your following consistently

  • Little known secrets to create engaging stories and attract both brand deals and new clients

  • How to make sure you show up on more users’ feeds

  • Tips and tricks to help you avoid fake accounts and spam followers while growing your following organically

  • How business owners & personal brands can convert followers into qualified leads in just 4 weeks

  • How to get paid to post by brands you love in less than 6 weeks

I developed these strategies to build my own Instagram to 26,000 followers (and growing) in less than a year. My strategies have unlocked success for countless others. Find out how my tips and tricks can work for you in the exclusive InstaFame Academy Group Training!




You’ll walk away from InstaFame Academy with:

  • Knowledge of how to keep your followers watching your every move

  • Greater engagement numbers

  • Skills to create quality images and engaging captions that convert followers into leads

  • A list of the 5 types of DMs you should send your followers

  • Expert-level knowledge of hashtag use and credibility-building

  • A killer bio that draws people in

  • Networking skills to collaborate with influencers and businesses

  • A complete understanding of influencer marketing

And much, much more as you introduce my foolproof strategies to your Instagram account! Ready to grab your spot? Well, you’ve got some options. Scroll down!


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Leslie Tagorda couldn’t believe her results…


How much will it cost to get the benefits of InstaFame Academy?
Unlike other social media courses and coaching programs that charge $3,000-$10,000, you can get superior results and one on one coaching for the cost of:


For businesses, this one-time expense can eliminate the extra costs of hiring a social media firm. By harnessing the power of InstaFame yourself, you can save your company at least $500 a month

Plus, those who qualify for the program will receive a One-Hour Instagram Review & Strategy Consultation - valued at $297 - for absolutely FREE! Act FAST as there’s only 5 of these sought after calls available!