"It's learning from successful people where you learn to build your own success. As a model wanting to be able to market and engage myself into more jobs and opportunities to help my growth, I decided to reach out to somebody (The wonderful Ella) who was doing amazing with her career and ask for a little bit of guidance. She had taken the time out of her very busy schedule to do a little bit of a brainstorming session with me and what came out of that was a whole lot of information that got me to exactly where I wanted to within a week!! I was more than ecstatic and had reached out to her saying thank you so much and with that she gave me even more guidance to keep going and persevere with positive energy! She had helped me see there are many tactics in every form of business that we need to keep ourselves updated on and continuously progressing.

Thank you again Ella!"

~ Sabina Goddard


"Ella is just phenomenal at what she does."

~ Mathew Park


"I didn’t even know I had a problem until I realized what I was missing out on."

~ Deidre Sirianni